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Dear Startups, Use Your (PR) Blank Page Wisely

Last week I ran across a blank notebook with the ego-filling “From the Desk of Georgiana Comsa” header from 20 years ago when I started my data storage PR career at Adaptec (now Microsemi). What a blank page my PR career in the data infrastructure market was at that point! While I did some PR […]
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Dear Startups, Don’t Make PR Only About You

I was recently invited to host a PR workshop for a group of TiE and NetApp Excellerator startups. I have been doing these workshops for a while for NetApp Excellerator, Silicon Valley Bank and the San Francisco Landing Pad of the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade). At this last event, the audience was comprised of […]
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Startup Advice: Blogging or Not Blogging

Since I took such a long break from blogging, I feel obligated to look at blogging (or not blogging) as a useful (or not) tool for early-stage enterprise startups. It comes up usually as we are planning to launch the company. Since PR planning starts a few months before the actual launch and many conversations […]
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The Day When Storage Networking World Died

    This week, the inevitable happened: SNIA and Computerworld/IDG announced they were ending Storage Networking World (a.k.a. SNW these past years), the father – it’s a male-dominated industry, so I will use “father” – of today’s storage shows. I was one of the first SNW USA attendees, but I skipped quite a few these […]
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We Hire YOU to Put Us in the Front of the Right People

I hear that a lot. At first, I did not like the sound of it. Really, is this all I do? But then I realized that, even though it’s NOT everything we do, is actually very important. At a conference last year, a (very friendly) PR person told me that she had set up 12 […]
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Answering a PRWeek Question on Integration of Paid and Earned Social Media Efforts

In the December 2010 issue of PRWeek , Jason Shuffler asked five PR pros to answer the question: "How do you integrate paid and earned social media efforts most seamlessly?" and I was one of the virtual panel participants.
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Do We Still Need Press Releases?

It is a question I get now and then from start-ups (note that it doesn’t happen too often, which probably means that in most of the execs’ minds, press releases are still an important part of their PR tool set). Then, of course, the next question is: how many should we write every month? While […]
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How Can I Justify PR Expenses to My CEO and Investors?

Most startups will invest in PR, because they know that it is the fastest and most trusted way to send information about a company and its products/services out to the world awaiting to try and buy that product/service. For some though, PR is still an abstract term and they do not know if they need […]
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FTC Rules for Bloggers Effective Today

As most of us know, starting today, the blogosphere will be regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which requires bloggers to disclose free products or payments they have received from companies they are mentioning in their reviews or blog posts. If they fail to do so, the fine could be up to $11,000. From mommy bloggers to tech […]
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The Role the PR Agency Plays in Your Social Media Strategy

The PR agency should get involved in your social media efforts; that could include designing and executing your strategy. From identifying the best places your audience “hangs out” to content creation, it is your PR agency’s job to get you going down that path. An agency with expertise in your market is vital here, because if it supports […]
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