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Tired of PR agencies that speak in buzzwords and deliver mediocre results, if any? At Silicon Valley PR, we’re passionate about one thing: helping enterprise companies build awareness, credibility and connections to propel them toward sustainable growth in their target market.  

Here’s how we stand out:

  • Deep Dive in Data Infrastructure and Telecommunications: We don’t dabble; we have worked with close to 100 companies selling enterprise products and services in data storage, networking, semiconductors, cloud, security, edge computing and telecommunications. This focus means we speak your language and understand your challenges, as well as your target audience.

  • Beyond Media Coverage: Sure, we land you targeted placements in top publications and blogs, but we go further, securing speaking slots at key events, crafting compelling stories, and leveraging cutting-edge social media to ignite meaningful conversations with your target audience.

  • Industry Credibility: We know reputation matters. That’s why we help you secure (well-deserved) industry awards, building trust and brand awareness with every accolade.

  • More ROI, Less Hassle: Our flexible, cost-effective model delivers superior results without the hefty fees of traditional firms. No long-term contracts, just personalized attention and measurable impact.

  • Network of Champions: We have deep connections with the right people – editors, bloggers, analysts, vendors and other influencers who can amplify your message and reach the decision-makers you need.

Check out our News page and see how we’ve consistently placed clients in leading publications. Follow our founder on social media and witness our expertise in action.

Ready to leave your mark on the data infrastructure landscape? Let’s chat. We’re passionate about your success.

Talking about success, here are some of our clients that have been acquired (the list is much longer):

Opsani, acquired by Cisco (2022)

MobiledgeX, founded by Deutsche Telekom, acquired by Google (2022)

Pluribus Networks, acquired by Arista (2022)

SwiftStack, acquired by NVIDIA (2020)

OpenIO, acquired by OVHcloud (2020)

Aporeto, acquired by Palo Alto Networks (2019)

NooBaa, acquired by Red Hat (2018)

SolidFire, acquired by NetApp (2015)

Virident, acquired by Western Digital (2013)

StorSimple, acquired by Microsoft (2012)

Georgiana Comsa, founder

Georgiana Comsa is the founder and managing partner of Silicon Valley PR. With a lifelong passion for words, a journalism background, as well as both marketing and computer science degrees, she found tech PR to be the perfect fit for her background and interests.

Georgiana has dedicated the past two decades to making an impact in the enterprise tech industry by helping innovative companies bring to market technologies that have changed the industry and improved the enterprise customer experience. She started her PR career in the telecommunications industry at satellite telco provider Globalstar, followed by data storage company Adaptec (later, acquired by semiconductor company PMC-Sierra, which was acquired by Microsemi that also became part of Microchip Technology). Recognizing a gap in specialized expertise, she established Silicon Valley PR in 2005 to offer targeted PR services for the data infrastructure market.

Georgiana’s wealth of experience extends beyond conventional PR, encompassing a profound understanding of social media’s transformative role in reshaping the PR landscape. Leveraging her extensive network of business and tech media relationships and her integrated marketing communication approach vs. only PR, she guides clients in reaching key industry influencers such as editors, bloggers, analysts, publishers and potential partners. These influencers, through their articles, blog posts, and social media engagements, have a significant impact on IT users’ purchasing decisions. 

While she stays focused on gaining recognition for her clients and she has never “submitted herself” for an award, Georgiana was pleasantly surprised throughout the years to see that the industry was paying attention. In 2023 she was named one of the most influential startup PR professionals in the world by Propel; previously, she was recognized as the Top 10 Tech Communicators in the United States in 2010 and 2013 by PR Source Code, and was also acknowledged by analyst firm Wikibon (now part of Silicon Angle) as a top data storage professional to follow on Twitter (back when Twitter was cool).

Writer Network
Silicon Valley PR collaborates with top writers for various client projects. The writers specialize in the data infrastructure market, reducing the learning curve and delivering quality, cost-effective materials.