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Dear Startups, Use Your (PR) Blank Page Wisely

Last week I ran across a blank notebook with the ego-filling “From the Desk of Georgiana Comsa” header from 20 years ago when I started my data storage PR career at Adaptec (now Microsemi). What a blank page my PR career in the data infrastructure market was at that point! While I did some PR […]
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Startup Advice: Blogging or Not Blogging

Since I took such a long break from blogging, I feel obligated to look at blogging (or not blogging) as a useful (or not) tool for early-stage enterprise startups. It comes up usually as we are planning to launch the company. Since PR planning starts a few months before the actual launch and many conversations […]
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Do We Still Need Press Releases?

It is a question I get now and then from start-ups (note that it doesn’t happen too often, which probably means that in most of the execs’ minds, press releases are still an important part of their PR tool set). Then, of course, the next question is: how many should we write every month? While […]
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How Can I Justify PR Expenses to My CEO and Investors?

Most startups will invest in PR, because they know that it is the fastest and most trusted way to send information about a company and its products/services out to the world awaiting to try and buy that product/service. For some though, PR is still an abstract term and they do not know if they need […]
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Tweeting on Behalf of Your Company/Employer

By now, most high-tech marketing and PR professionals have figured out Twitter or, at least, have heard of it. We all approached it differently though. I don’t claim to be a social media expert (and a lot of the ones doing so should not), but I am involved in it, I read a lot about […]
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