Hello Silicon Valley PR!

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ClassyTech PR becomes Silicon Valley PR. This is our first blog post, and, as we have just finished transferring all of the content from our old website to www.siliconvalleypr.com, I am going to cover the reason why we had changed the name.

It’s not a strategy change, not a management change, and we are not looking for a fresh start either, because the old one was pretty good. We simply outgrew ClassyTech, a firm we started back in 2005 to provide Marcom, web, and graphic services. A few months later, at our customers’ requests, we added PR, which was Georgiana’s expertise, and since then, we have been a full-service PR firm for high-tech startups. More than this, we are targeting the storage, server, and networking markets, and we have launched many start-ups, relaunched others, and provided ongoing PR support for various companies in these industries.

The new name will certainly eliminate the “where are you located” question when talking to prospect customers. While our customers are all over the world, some of them have Silicon Valley offices, and most of them visit the Valley quite often on business. A lot of their partners are here, a lot of our partners are here, and this new name will, hopefully, honor the place that that gave us ClassyTech four years ago. We are glad to continue the work we started with ClassyTech, and we hope that the new name will be at least as powerful and – why not say it – lucky for us as the old one was. We “tested” it already on our current customers and they loved it; and, as making our customers happy is our goal, we just had to change it. Hello Silicon Valley PR!