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Only Two Fortune 100 CEOs Have Twitter Accounts

While some execs are open to using the latest social media tools, even though they are still trying to figure them out, testing them, and looking for the best ways to measure ROI, other execs are not embracing them yet. Research results released only a few days ago by the website UBERCEO reveal that the […]
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Should PR Agencies Blog?

There have been many conversations out there about the validity of a PR agency’s blog. Would anybody trust us, knowing that our clients pay for our services, and we can’t really say anything negative in a blog? So, should we or should we not blog? If we do, should we blog about our clients? Is […]
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Hello Silicon Valley PR!

ClassyTech PR becomes Silicon Valley PR. This is our first blog post, and, as we have just finished transferring all of the content from our old website to, I am going to cover the reason why we had changed the name. It’s not a strategy change, not a management change, and we are not looking […]
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